Migrating Exchange accounts

Migrating your Microsoft Exchange Email Data to Hosted Exchange

Migrate your Microsoft Exchange data to Cobweb’s Hosted Exchange in Three Simple Steps:

1.   Export the data you wish to migrate into PST files

2.   Get your data to us

3.   Mailbox creation and data import

Exporting the data you wish to migrate into PST files

When you join PiegonHUT's Hosted Exchange system, we will work with you to ensure your data is transferred to our system seamlessly.  

To facilitate this, we recommend that you take backups of each individual mailbox on your existing system and prepare it as below.

This can be achieved by following the exporting PST files guide

We will also require a list of users so that we can set up your new mailboxes. (please use this form to send them) This will then be manually setup by our Provisioning Team and the information will be sent out to you with regards to users login details for their new exchange mailboxes.

When users receive their login details, we would then require they visit their webmail (www.email-cloud.co.uk) where they can change their password to something more familiar & secure.

Getting your data to us

There are 2 options available to you, to get your data to us:

1.   Save your PST files to a USB hard drive, DVD or other media, making sure

      that they are encrypted or otherwise protected and then send them to

      us, for us to import for you

2.   Take control and upload (import) your PST files onto your new mailbox

      from your new Outlook email client.

Learn about importing data into a Hosted Exchange mailbox

Mailbox creation and data import

In advance of the migration, we will create your new mailboxes. When you are ready, we then change your MX record(s) to point to us. For immediate access to your email (including provision for seamless mail-flow) you will be able to use Outlook Web Access.  Data is then migrated into your new mailbox.

Congratulations, you would now be up and running with your new email solution

If you would like to migrate your email to Cobweb, please contact us

Migrating from Lotus Notes or Group Wise?

If your email solution isn’t Hosted Exchange, don’t worry, we can still migrate your data.  Learn more about migrating from Lotus Notes or Group Wise.

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Full Migration Methodology

Hosted Exchange vs. In-house

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